Choosing a trainer or coach...

Find a Personal Trainer who is 'qualified' rather than simply 'certified'. A qualified professional invests hundreds of hours into research, training and mentorship. They will have a full-time practice with thousands of hours of practical application and hands-on experience in order to deliver truly individualized programming, technical insight and advice.

Don't be fooled by the corporate-gym salesperson with a weekend certification asking you to sign monthly contracts or the so-called 'coaches' pushing the next magic pill or product. Take the time to find a genuine professional that makes self-development a foundation to their practice and has a built a reputation based on years of client success, testimonials and who lives the lifestyle they preach.

BJ Morgan - BJ has a lifetime of personal experience (30+ years) in his own pursuits of physical fitness and well-being.  His broad range of credentials include training at the distinguished C.H.E.K. Institute in San Diego, CA completing both the Corrective Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching programs there.  Over the years BJ has gained the respect of other health and wellness professionals in Cochrane and become their ‘go-to’ referral as a personal trainer and post-rehabilitation exercise specialist.  Having coached for nearly a decade, BJ receives dozens of written testimonials and regular feedback each year with clients' gratitude for the tremendous results they achieve. Everyone from high-performance athletes, seniors, middle-aged moms, medical doctors and even other fitness professionals come to BJ for guidance.  His successful methods are proven time and again with hundreds of real world examples. -see testimonials


Stacey Latyn - Stacey is an integral part of BODYCONNECT’s success.  In addition to administering the business, she is a highly sought after coach with a dedicated clientele.  Stacey was very active in track and field during her youth and began weight training in 1989 - she has been training for over 30 years now. Stacey competed at a provincial level in the ABBA Muscle Beach Fall Classic competition in 2008 and placed first in the Women’s Bodybuilding Middleweight division.  Stacey also owned and operated a successful commercial gym for 8 years in Cochrane, AB.  She sold the gym in 2014 to focus entirely on one-on-one, private personal training with BODYCONNECT.  Stacey is a natural born motivator and has endless enthusiasm.  She has a knack for pushing people beyond what they thought they were capable of and loves seeing clients strive for new goals each and every session.


Listed below are all the conditions, areas of practice and type of clientele BJ has experience with:

  • All major joints - surgery pre-hab | post-physio rehab | general injury recovery and strengthening

    • Knee (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, meniscus injury/reconstruction, full knee replacement)

    • Hip (full hip replacement, sciatica, general tightness, glute weakness, strength imbalance, dysfunctional gait pattern)

    • Shoulder (frozen shoulder, impingement, thoracic syndrome, rotator cuff tears/strains, bursitis, postural issues, dysfunctional scapular movement)

    • Wrist/Elbow (workarounds for carpal tunnel, tendinitis - golfers/tennis elbow)

  • Spine

    • Scoliosis

    • Spondylolisthesis/Retrolisthesis

    • Spondylitis (and other arthritic disorders)

    • Disc herniation

    • Spinal fusion

    • Spasms

    • Degenerative disc disease

    • Disc replacements/transplants (BJ pre-habbed North America's first complete prosthetic disc transplant recipient)

    • Core strengthening

    • Postural correction

    • SI joint and low back pain

  • Beginners and de-conditioned individuals

  • Children - all ages

  • Seniors

  • Recreational and amateur athletes - specializing in on and off season strength training

    • Hockey - on and off season strength programs

    • Football - on and off season strength programs

    • Soccer - specialize in injury prevention and strengthening (knee/hip stability)

    • Golf - repetitive injury prevention/rehab, winter maintenance, season prep

    • MMA - grip and wrist strength, flexibility/mobility/joint health

    • Downhill Skiing - injury rehab/workarounds, knee stability

    • Motocross - shoulder/core strength, shoulder rehab

    • Surfing - core strength, coordination, muscle endurance

  • Physique competitors (only on a case-by-case basis)

  • Emergency response personnel - PT testing prep and job specific strength training

    • Police

    • Firefighter

    • EMT

  • Heart disease

    • CHD/CAD

    • Single-quad bypass

    • High blood pressure

  • Heart arrhythmia

  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

  • Asperger Syndrome

  • Diabetes

  • Hormone imbalances (diagnosed and whilst being treated)

  • Vertigo



HLC logo_yin-yang.jpg
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach LVL1 (CHEK Institute, San Diego CA)

  • CHEK Exercise Coach (CHEK Institute, San Diego CA)

    • Scientific Back Training

    • Scientific Core Training

    • Program Design

    • Movement That Matters

  • Certified Speed and Agility Coach CSAC (Athletes Acceleration, North Attleboro MA)

  • Bret Contreras Ph.D. Glute Lab Seminar (The Glute Lab, Phoenix AZ)

  • Anatomy Trains Fascial Release (Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, Maui HI)

  • (AIS) Active Isolated Stretching (Myologic Canada, Montreal QB)

  • Rehabilitation Of The Upper Body (Healing Through Movement, Vancouver BC)

  • Rehabilitation Of The Lower Body (Healing Through Movement, Vancouver BC)

  • Can-Fit-Pro PTS (Can-Fit-Pro Certification Course, Calgary AB)

  • Can-Fit-Pro NWS (Can-Fit-Pro Certification Course, Calgary AB)

  • Level ‘C’ First Aid Certification (American Health Association)

Background and History

BJ did not come from athletic roots or have a lot of structure when it came to sports growing up.  His dad always said "Just because you have a Porsche doesn't mean you should race it around the block everyday."  I guess this was his way of saying there are better things to spend your time and energy on.  In hindsight, with heart disease and obesity now very evident within his immediate family, that may have not been the greatest advice.  Despite these odds, BJ's interest in weight lifting and nutrition started at the age of twelve years old in the early 80's when he was inspired by the now famous docu-drama 'Pumping Iron' starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He began working out in his basement with a few old cement filled weights.  By the age of fourteen he signed up at the local gym, Phoenix Physical Fitness Center and rode his BMX there everyday after school for workouts.  By the age of nineteen BJ was working for the largest gym in Asia, Tom Turks Fitness Center in Hong Kong as a Fitness Consultant.  The dream of owning his own gym someday had firmly taken root.

"I soon realized that no matter what ups and downs life threw at me 1 always had control over my physical fitness and strength. More than once in my lifetime the routine of my regular workouts and the confidence my physicality instilled got me through some very difficult periods. Exercising is more than just a tool for longevity, it's my solace day in and day out." - BJ

Growing up as a really skinny kid, BJ's focus was getting as big and strong as possible.  His primary style of lifting hard and heavy did not change for almost 15 years.  At the age of twenty-five topping out at 6' tall he reached a muscular 215lbs without the use of anabolic steroids.  By this time, after a few set backs from injuries he began experimenting with other styles of training to stay strong and fit.  His knowledge and perspective on fitness expanded tremendously from that point.  Now almost 30 years after he picked up his first weight, BJ has well over 500 hours of class and shadow time resulting in his long list of certifications plus thousands of hours of independent research, study and self-experimentation under his belt.  He has been working full-time, one-on-one with clients for a decade.


On the way to the cabin.

BJ spends most of his free time with his partner Stacey, his little boy Jacob and two Golden-doodles named Birch and Winston.  For short getaways they head out camping and enjoy the peace and quiet. When time and finances allow they end up in the sleepy little beach side town of San Pancho, Mexico.  But at heart BJ is a home-body and is totally content enjoying the relaxing sights and sounds of the Bow River close by, reading on the couch or having a Netflix night.  For now the long, hectic days at a commercial gym are past.  He feels perfectly content with nature at his doorstep, a business at home and working everyday with a supportive partner fulfilling their greatest passion helping others look, feel and function better!

BJ has worked hard and learned the difficult life lessons (as we all do) in order to make his life rich with the things that are most important to him and bring the most happiness.  He believes it's his duty as a personal trainer to be as vital as possible for his clients, setting lifestyle examples and paying that positive energy forward everyday.


"Absolutes and black-and-white answers have no place in fitness. The answer always depends on the individuality and goals of the client asking the question."

The internet age and social media has almost become a detriment to the health and fitness industry by way of information overload, controversy and conflicting data.  It's difficult for the layperson to sift through the minutia of information and decipher what is sound advice.  More importantly to decipher the sound advice which is applicable to them specifically!  Inefficiencies and injury are often the result of cookie-cutter programming and applying technique en masse.  Misguided programming can waste months and years of what could otherwise be a more effective training from the onset.  It's my job as a coach to plot a clear path for the client to maximize returns for their time.  Every trainer worth his salt has seen enough clients to know we all respond and adapt differently to a stimulus.  Exercise prescription can (and should be) modified in every case to respect a person's unique set of attributes, bio-mechanics, complex lifestyle, psychology and goals.  Many times it's a matter of simplification rather than unnecessary complexity as to what is best for the client.

If a trainer is complacent, linear-minded or not passionate about learning they won't be capable of getting creative when dealing with the vast diversity they will encounter amongst clientele.  The same is true for developing successful nutrition plans.  Discovering what works for YOU is the key to an optimal fitness prescription and nutritional guidance.  BJ thoroughly understands this and imparts the most effective methodology to the client when developing and executing a plan for them.

"There is an important difference between being certified and being qualified."

Only a combination of generally accepted principals, the latest in science-based methods and endless hours of observation and practice ultimately gives someone insight into how to expertly tune and continually refine exercise prescription in practical, real world application. This hands-on experience is what sets the practicing or truly 'qualified' coach apart from the academic or simply 'certified' coach. 

BJ is a qualified, practicing professional that has spent thousands of hours under the bar himself and in the trenches of the fitness industry. He has worked with almost every type of client imaginable.  He is eager and ready to get started on guiding you to the best, most vital version of yourself possible